Press Release C-Clip Axles

Strange Engineering, the leader in driveline and suspension for over 50 years, continues to evolve its product line to meet the needs of today’s car enthusiasts with the addition of c-clip style axles to its popular Alloy Axle line-up. The Strange C-Clip Style axles are significantly stronger than the typicalOEM axles. The axles are forged from alloy Steel andwhen combined with a deeper heat treat that increases torsional strength, the axles can reliably handle the power and torque of your built up hot rod. The axles cover popular 30 spline GM 12-bolt car applications from the 60’s and 70’s as well as 31 spline applications for the ’94-present Ford Mustangs. The affordable Strange Alloy C-clip axles do not require any modification to the factory housings and will work with factory bearings, seals and studs.

Part #’s
P3020 – (64-67 A-Body GM)(67-69 F-Body GM)
P3026 – (70-72 F-Body GM)(68-72 A-Body GM)
P3110 – (94-98 Mustang)
P3111 – (99-04 Mustang)
P3112 – (05-Present Mustang)
Retail – $249.50 (pr.)