Earlier this year, Jeff Stange was looking through images of the infamous fox body that has been at the tip of everyone in the grudge racing worlds lips for the past few years; and he decided he wanted to have some fun. “I want to team up with Phil and pay homage to the old Oakley paint schemes that were so cool.” He reached out to Phil and the idea was born…we would team up and make the baddest wrap the Shadow had ever worn! Many discussions were had about the wrap and what it stands for, as well as the meaning behind the “Shadow”. We went over the new direction of the Stevie Fast Racing tee shirts and other items that they have been designing, and our art director got straight to work! After many renditions were hammered out, the results are nothing less than jaw dropping!

I asked our art director at Strange (Matthew Scott) to tell me in a few words what the process was like to be handed the task of bringing this idea to life…

What do you do when you’re tasked to make a car like “The Shadow”, a car with legions of fans already, look cooler than it already does without upsetting the established fans? You sweat a few bullets, say a prayer and get to work. I read The Shadow comic books as a kid so I had a good feel for the direction right off the bat. So I went to a local comic shop and thumbed through every Shadow comic they had as I reunited with an old friend. After a few rough drawings, I reached out to Phil Delany at Rage Wraps and nailed down the specs. From there on, with Tool and In This Moment blaring in the background, I just designed angry. One of the things I always loved about The Shadow character is that he wasn’t big on capturing the bad guys for the authorities. With twin .45-caliber M1911’s blazing, he took down those in front of him, one fool at a time: sometimes, two. So the direction was pretty clear and the concept stage was fairly minimal. I presented the initial art to Phil Shuler and everyone at Strange Engineering and got their overwhelming blessing then went back in and packed it with more skulls. Who doesn’t like more skulls? In the end I think we did The Shadow justice and kept the lifeblood of the car true for the fans. Maybe we amped it – just a little.

He is putting that lightly….the Shadow is out and ready for action, and she looks better than ever!

Shadow blog image

Phil at Rage Wraps and his team got to work on wrapping the Shadow and Strange Engineering Art Director Matthew Scott made the trip down to capture a video of the transformation!

The Shadow is already outfitted with a full deck of Strange Engineering High Performance parts and we are looking forward to seeing it tear down the strip at this years Duck X Production #LightsOut and #NoMercy events! I think it is agreed upon that Stevie Fast Jackson, Phil Shuler, and The Shadow are one of the hottest topics of these events, and Strange Engineering is proud to have part in making sure that her bark is as loud as her bite!

Below is a list of the Strange Engineering set up for Shadow, as well as some behind the scenes images of the new wrap!

Strange Ultra Case with 10″ gears
Strange Front & Rear Brakes
Strange Transmission yoke and Chrome Moly driveshaft
Strange GT Struts
Strange Master Cylinder
Strange Steering Coupler
Strange 40 spline Axles