One of the most critical, and most overlooked parts of the driveline is often the driveshaft. Like the engine, transmission, and rear end, the driveshaft is only as strong as its weakest part. Strange drag racing driveshafts are custom made using the finest tubing, weld ends, transmission yokes, and universal joints in the industry. Strange Engineering driveshaft builders are second-to-none and, using state-of-the-art equipment, carefully construct and balance each Strange Driveshaft to within eight-thousandths of an inch of runout.

If you already have a Strange top-quality drag racing driveshaft, now is an excellent time to upgrade your pinion yoke to the larger 1350 or 1480-Series size.

Made with pride in the U.S.A. All are forged from the highest quality components and manufactured to stringent tolerances. Strange Yokes are the strongest and most durable yokes in the industry.

Strange Engineering provides two top notch transmission yokes to choose from. First up is the Strange HD. Made from a patented blend of nodular iron with much greater tensile strength than conventional cast iron, the Strange HD Trans Yoke accepts 1310, 1350, and 1480 sized universal joints. Next, we have the Strange Chrome Moly Transmission Yoke which is a stronger and more durable version of the Strange HD Yoke. It is CNC machined, from heat forged 4340 Chrome Moly Steel, to meet the extreme demands of professional drag racing.