Super Finish and MicroBlue® Bearings and Races Service For Purchased Components - Parts Not Included


Part Number: D3598B

Two Step Process To Reduce Friction

Super Finish
A chemical and vibratory process that smooths machined surfaces
It removes the rough machining marks left on the surfaces during manufacturing
This decreases friction which reduces temperatures and increases efficiency

Durable 1-micron coating that will not chip or peel
Improves the wetting properties of lubricants
The coating makes metal parts more slippery when immersed in gear lube
This also decreases friction which reduces temperatures and increases efficiency

These processes have the same goal, but with different approaches
By combining the technologies, the maximum benefit can be achieved

Parts Serviced
Side bearings and races
Pinion bearings and races

For Ford 9″ – See D3598BT

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Super Finish and MicroBlue gear set……… D3598G


Super finish and Micro Blue pinion and side bearings & races

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