Strange HD Lightweight Steel Spool Fits L6000 Drop-Out Live Axle Requires 4.00" Bore Strange Case


Part Number: L6000J

Strange Drop-Out Live Axle – L6000

Strange Ultra Case with 4.00″ bore
Fits all gear ratios except 2.91

• 4142 forged steel
• Lightened to reduce rotating weight
• Broached 36 spline
• 2.751″ bearing journal
• Critical dimensions left oversize prior to heat treatment
• Heat treated for further gains in strength
• Finish machining after heat treat to bring surfaces within specifications
• Designed and machined by Strange
• Forged in the USA

Weighs 9.3 lbs

Related Components
7/16″ ring gear bolt…….. L6000Q
1/2″ ring gear bolt………. L6000R

Spool for 2.91 ratio…….. L6000J2


Pro Lightweight Steel Spool For Strange Drop-Out Live Axle