Strange L/W Aluminum 9" Ford Center Section
With Lightweight Steel Spool
Standard Gear & Chrome Moly Yoke


Part Number: PRF155

Lightweight / Lower Horsepower Drag Race Cars

Heavier / Higher Horsepower – PRF184

• Professional assembly
• Grade 8 ring gear bolts
• Shipped in protective container

Lightweight Aluminum CaseN1901 / N1904
• High tensile strength alloy
• Forged aluminum main caps
• Solid steel adjuster nuts
• Designed & machined by Strange
• Cast in the USA

Tapered Bearing SupportN1922
• Billet aluminum body
• Clear anodized finish
• Over-sized bearings and races

Lightweight SpoolD1553 / D1554 / D1555
• 31, 33 or 35 spline spool
• Forged steel

Choice of Standard Gear

Chrome Moly Yoke with U-BoltsU1603 / U1610
• For 1350 series u-joint

Part Options
Pick-up Collar
1 magnet – U1613
2 magnet – U1613-2
4 magnet – U1613-4
8 magnet – U1613-8
Sensor bracket – N1927S

40 spline spool – OPRF01
HD yoke cap kit – OPRF37

Taper/ball pinion support – OPRF03
Gasket – H1111 / H1111S

Labor Options
Lighten ring gear – D3596
MicroBlue gear set – D3598G
MicroBlue gear set & bearings – OPRF42


The Lightweight Aluminum case with a lightened steel spool and Standard gear set can be used where weight is critical, the vehicle is light, and impact loads are relatively low. Drag Race applications include 4-link Super Comp Dragsters, Altereds, Comp, and lightweight door cars. This package contains the Lightweight aluminum case, Strange billet aluminum pinion support (N1922), lightweight steel spool, Standard gear, and chrome moly 1350 yoke with u-bolts. Upgrade available is a 40 spline L/W steel spool. Options include a ball bearing pinion support, lightened ring gear, MicroBlue service, and computer pick-up collar. Higher horsepower vehicles, especially those using a throttle stop, will opt for the PRF165 which contains a Pro gear. It is also very common to upgrade to a 40 spline L/W steel spool.

STRANGE LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM CASE Lightweight aluminum cases are ideal for vehicles where unsprung weight is extremely critical and gear life is not a major concern. Dimensionally very similar to the Pro Iron case, but uses high tensile aluminum alloy and forged aluminum main caps. Since the case is responsible for holding together the gear set and spool, the application should be carefully considered before a purchasing this case. Typical Drag Race applications are Super Comp Dragsters, Altereds, and very lightweight cars. This case is not recommended for Street or Street/Strip. A Strange Engineering associate will be happy to assist you with your decision. Available bore sizes are 3.062” and 3.250”.


N1922: Heavy duty Drag Race pinion support. It uses even larger front and rear pinion bearings than the Daytona or N1917, further increasing load capabilities to suit the most demanding requirements. Manufactured from billet aluminum, it offers better grain flow than billet aluminum supports. Oil channels have been reduced to allow more material around the race sections to maximize rigidity. It can accept either 28 or 35 spline pinion gears, and comes in a clear anodized finish. A polished support is also available. The support is supplied with front and rear Timken races installed, bolts, washers, and an o-ring. Bearing & seal kit is available separately. Manufactured from 2024-T4 billet aluminum.

Guidelines and Torque spec

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