Pro II Stainless Steel Rear Brake Kit
For 3.150" Symmetrical Ends
2 Piece Rotors, 4 Piston Calipers & Soft Pads


Part Number: B1710WC2S

Designed Specifically For Drag Racing

Symmetrical 3.150″ housing ends
H1131 or equivalent
Brake offset = 2.832″


Two Piece Stainless Steel RotorsB2794LS / B2794RS
• Internal cogs allow rotor to float
• Allows for expansion variances between aluminum & steel
• Slots reduce rotating weight and increase air flow
• Stainless steel maintains stability under higher temperatures

Four Piston Billet Aluminum Calipers
• Billet stainless steel pistons greatly reduce deflection
• All pistons are 1.750″ providing increased clamping force
• Remains ridged under high pressures
• Choice of black or red calipers

Aluminum Caliper Mounts
• Billet one piece design
• Eliminates bolts, spacers & nuts that require periodic maintenance

Soft Metallic Brake PadsB5010
• Provides the best starting-line cold holding power
• Recommended for vehicles going 150 MPH or less in the 1/4 mile

Housing End Bolt Kit
• Additional components not supplied in most aftermarket brake kits

Brake Hoses and Lines are not Included
Calipers are tapped 1/8″ NPT and supplied with male 3 AN fittings


Stainless Steel Drag Racing Rear Brakes

Strange Stainless Steel Brake Rotors and Pro Series II Stainless Steel Brake Kits offer drag racers a safer and more efficient alternative to conventional steel brakes.

Strange Stainless Steel rotors are able to retain their shape under higher temperatures and are more corrosion resistant than conventional steel. Because Stainless Steel Brakes deliver outstanding thermal stress capabilities, brake rotor warpage is virtually eliminated.

The Billet calipers feature oversize (1.750-inch) stainless steel pistons. The result is increased clamping force and piston stability. The calipers are available in Black or Red.

This Pro Series II Stainless Steel Brake Kit is offered with soft metallic brake pads. Two Piece Floating Slotted Stainless Steel Rotors with a floating design isolates rotor from hat to allow rotor growth and minimize distortion. For high MPH vehicles, kits with hard metallic pads are also offered.

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