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Strange Aluminum 1350 Series Yoke
For Ford 9" Using 28 Spline Pinion Shaft


Part Number: U1633


When weight saving is more crucial than maximum strength


Designed for Drag Race pinion supports – N1920 / N1922
This includes all HD Pro & Ultra Case supports

Can be used in pinion supports below with a yoke spacer kit
OEM Ford & Ford Daytona – N1914
Strange Street /Track support – N1917


• 7075-T651 aluminum
• Black anodized finish
• Integral splined steel washer
• Accepts 1350 series u-joint
• Fits Ford 9″ 28 spline pinion shafts


Related Components

U-bolt kit…………. U1610
HD cap kit……….. U1610HD
1350 u-joint…….. U1641
Yoke spacer kit… N1918

Pick-up collars
1 magnet… U1613
2 magnet… U1613-2
4 magnet… U1613-4
8 magnet… U1613-8


Strange aluminum pinion yoke for Ford 9″ with 28 spline pinion- 1350 series

Additional information

Weight 1.15 lbs