Ford 9 1/2" 5.17 Pro Gear with 28 Spline Pinion - Lightened Richmond Gear - Produced in Italy


Part Number: RPF95517L

Drag Race Use Only

Requires Specific Aftermarket Components

Case – Designed to utilize 9 1/2″ gear sets
Housing – Additional clearance provided for 9 1/2″ ring gears

Ring Gear Teeth May Contact Pinion Race
If necessary, chamfer 1/8″ to 3/16″ as illustrated
Can be performed with a stand-up belt sander
Ensure to file any sharp edges

Will Not Fit OEM Cases or Housings

9 1/2″ Pro Gears will provide much longer gear life in comparison to 9″ Pro Gears
Life expectancy can increase by up to three times depending on the vehicle
The exception is when there is violent tire shake and the vehicle is kept under power

The ring gear is manufactured to 9 1/2″ specifications before the OD is reduced to 9.25″
Resulting in a much stronger tooth design than possible with 9″ Pro Gears

Machined From 9310 Forged Steel
Heat Treated to Optimize Material Properties
Ring Gear Lightened To Minimize Rotating Weight
Matched Ring & Pinion Set

Ring Gear
– 9.375″ actual OD
– Tooth count 31
– 10 bolt holes

– 28 spline shaft
– Tooth count 6
– 3/4″-20 RH threads

Unsure about your application?
Please contact a Strange Sales Associate to discuss your vehicle


Using Tapered Bearing Pinion Support
HD Pro & Drag race…….. R5237 / R5237WR
Ultra case……………….. R5237UC / R5237UCR

Using Ball Bearing Pinion Support
HD Pro & Drag Race…… R5237B / R5237BR
Ultra & Billet cases… R5237UCB / R5237UCBR

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Ford 9 1/2″ 5.17 Pro Gear Set Richmond Gear – Lightened