Dana 60 5.86 Standard Gear Made By Spicer


Part Number: D3555

Standard Gears are the perfect choice for replacement of OEM gear sets
Providing long service life in Street, Street / Track, & Oval track vehicles

These gears can also be used in some Drag Race cars depending on weight & power
If tooth breakage occurs in a short period of time, Pro Gears will become necessary

Designed For 4.56 & Numerically Higher Carriers

Machined From 8620 Forged Steel
Heat Treated to Maximize Gear Life
Matched Ring & Pinion Set

Ring Gear
– 9.750″ OD
– Tooth count 41
– 12 bolt holes
– 1/2″-20 RH threads

– 29 spline shaft
– Tooth count 7
– 7/8″-14 RH threads

Unsure about your application?
Please contact a Strange Sales Associate to discuss your vehicle


OEM Dana 60… D3513
Strange S60…… D3512

This product is only available from an Authorized Strange Dealer or Factory Direct Call - 800-646-6718 or Email Us


Dana 60 5.86 Standard Gear Made By Spicer