Michael Washington wins the Ohio NMRA race, while Drew Lyons wins the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl!
Not only was this event a double event with the NMRA and NMCA racing beside each other, but also a double hitter in Coyote Stock, with the final round being run from the Ohio race.  If you remember, last month’s race got rained out just as the finals got underway.  Joe Marini and Michael Washington would have to wait to face on in the second round of qualifying at the Super Bowl. In the first round of qualifying, Washington would take the number one spot with his 10.408 @128.22, while Marini was sitting at number 5, with his [email protected]  When it was time for the pair to leave the line, it was Washington out first with a .031 to Marini’s .075 on the bulb.  Both cars banged their gears as Joe tried to pull ahead to no prevail, as the win light came on in Michael’s lane running a [email protected] to Joe’s 10.510.126.89.

A lot has happened between these two events.  The former champ, Joe Charles, put his car up for sale.  Renegade racer Tim Matherly bought the car, retired from the Renegade class and is now running Joe’s car in Coyote Stock. With 15 cars in the field, Tim would qualify in the 6th spot and make it to the second round of eliminations before going red on the tree, knocking himself out of competition.  Your Friday night Ohio winner Michael Washington, would face off against Gregory Herbert who knocked Michael out last time, but was DQed for having an un-secure weight ballast in his trunk, re-instating Michael.  Michael was already pumped up from his win light Friday night and was feeling pretty confident in the first round of eliminations. That was until the tree came down and Gregory cut the tree down on Michael with a .001 reaction to Michael’s .084.  When the board lite up, it was Michael with the faster time (10.550 to Gregory’s 11.644) but that reaction time sealed the deal and sent Michael packing.

Drew-Lyons-5Drew Lyons has been on fire this year.  Drew would be the only one qualifying in the 30’s, taking the number one spot with a 10.394.  Drew had an interesting time on his side of the ladder with not one, but two bye runs and one opponent red lighting. Drew only had one round where he had to race full out to take the win against Mike Stouffer in the second round of eliminations.  Now on the other side of the ladder finalist Darrin Hendricks had only one bye run and had to take out the rest of the field to line up alongside Drew Lyons.  Into the beams Drew Lines would drop the hammer first, with a .060 to Darrin’s .072 reaction.  Both cars side by side, grabbing gears and hoping for the win. When the pair crossed the stripe, it was Drew with the win running [email protected] to Darrin’s [email protected]



Drew Lyons 3

Bud’s Creek:
Drew Lyons wins second event in a row and resets the record in Strange Coyote Stock! 18 cars showed up to battle at MDIR in the third leg of the season. Friday night, Michael Washington (Strange Axles, spool, gears and Ti studs) took  the number one qualifying spot with a [email protected]  Michael held on to the top honors until the third round of qualifying, where Drew Lyons dumped the clutch and took the number one spot away, running ever so quicker with a [email protected]  The fastest mile an hour this event goes to Joe Charles (Double adj shocks & struts, pinion yoke), who lite up the score board Friday night with a 130.92mph. In the final round of eliminations, Drew Lyons (Strange gears and driveshaft pinion flange) took on Steve Gifford (Strange third member and gears). Into the beams, it was Steve out of the gate first with a .053 to Drew’s .093 reaction. Both cars screamed down track as Drew chased down Steve.  On the top end, when both cars crossed the line, it was Drew with the win, resetting the Strange Coyote Stock record, posting a [email protected] to Steve’s [email protected]


Drag Racing15 cars showed up to race in Strange Coyote Stock Class.  In Friday night’s first qualifying round, Drew ran [email protected], good enough for the number 9 spot. Saturday morning, Drew would move up the ladder with a [email protected] and go into Sunday sitting in the 5th spot.  In the first round of eliminations, Drew took on Matthew Williams.  Matthew got the jump with a .054 reaction to Drew’s .085.  Down track, Drew chases down Matthew and as they both crossed the line, it was Drew with the win light. Drew [email protected] to Matthew’s [email protected]  In the second round of eliminations, Drew took on Jacob Lamb.  Once again Drew’s competitor got the tree on him, with Jacob’s reaction being .061 to Drew’s .077.  Drew and Jacob raced down track, when the win light came on, it was Drew who came out on top with a [email protected] to Jacob’s [email protected]  Third round of eliminations the man with the number one on his windshield, Shane Stymiest would be in the other lane.  This time it was Drew who cut the better light with a .088 to Shane’s .103.  Both cars banged through the gears but in the end, Drew ran his fastest pass of the weekend with a [email protected] to Shane’s [email protected]  In the final round of eliminations, Drew would take on Joe Marini who dominated on the other side of the ladder.  When the lights came down, Drew cut his best reaction time of the weekend with a .049 to Joe’s .062.  Down track Drew did everything he could to hold off Joe who was right on his tail.  When the score board light up it was Drew Lyons for the win, running [email protected] to Joe’s [email protected]!



Strange Engineering’s Coyote Stock class had 15 racers show up to do battle. The winner Steve Gifford would qualify in the 5th spot with a [email protected], leading up into Sunday’s action. In the first round of eliminations, Steve took on Paul Wiley. Steve would cut the tree down on Paul with a .036 to Paul’s .056 reaction.  Steve’s car was dialed in, running his fastest pass of the weekend with a [email protected] to Paul’s [email protected]  In round two of eliminations, it was over before it started, when Derek Kernodle went red on the tree, with a -.003 to Steve’s .070.  In the third round Steve was up against the number one qualifier, Joe Marini.  Joe got the jump, with a .053 to Steve’s .064.  Down the track both cars banging the gears, with the win light coming on in Steve’s Lane. Steve [email protected] to Joe’s [email protected] The final round Steve would take on Michael Washington.  Both cars into the beams and pegged at 6000rpm.  The tree comes done and Steve get’s the reaction time with a .067 to Michael’s .074.  Down track both drivers side by side all the way to the end.  When the board light up it was Steve Gifford with a [email protected] to Michael’s [email protected] for the win!